The city is where people — and rideshare — thrive, connect, and grow. Lyft is devoted to making cities even more livable for everyone, so we wanted to create a series of stories, videos, animations, and social media posts offering a glimpse inside these communities. 

It's a people-first exploration of the faces and places that Lyft brings together every single day. Most notably, we purposefully bypassed the tourist ("Best places to eat and drink!") angle, and wanted the spotlight on the real people, neighborhoods,  and organizations that truly make the city what it is. 


This storytelling content appeared on social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), blogs, and advertising. 


We've featured everyone from big wave surfer and equal pay advocate Bianca Valenti to a Cambodian-American family that realized the American Dream thanks — in part, at least — to some tasty, panda-shaped doughnuts. We've hung out with the world's first LGBTQ+ mariachi band, and rolled down Venice Boulevard with an all-woman skateboard gang.

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