As a journalist, you quickly learn that not every story deserves to be a cover story. Or that not every story even deserves to be a story at all. In the same way, I like to approach digital content without the one-size-fits-all approach: the story should dictate the medium or mediums. 

That's what happened when we met Bianca Valenti, a big wave surfer who was the first woman to be invited to surf the world-famous Mavericks competition in Half Moon Bay, Calif. We were looking for amazing women breaking out of "the boys club" in the San Francisco area who could be featured in our Women's History Month series. Valenti is not just a remarkable athlete, but also an outspoken advocate for equal pay in the action/sports world. 


Valenti's story proved to be such a captivating one that we wanted to do more with her story, and set out to capture a session at Ocean Beach.